Have you ever looked at someone else’s life and wished that you had what they had? People always think they would be happier in a different set of circumstances. They are always not satisfied with their life. Is it the nature of human to feel so? Let me share with you a story which i think resembles this proverb perfectly.

There was a girl named Angeline. She has a nice parents, a peaceful home in village and a happy life. Their parents work as land worker, they aren't that rich but what they earn is sufficient to keep the living. She was having a 'no problem' life until she got an offer to study in a well-known university. She was very excited to go there. And finally the day came for her to leave her home and go to the university. As soon as she stepped her feet in the compound of the university, she was very happy and excited. Days went and then a new student came to the university. Her name is Clarae and she was having the most gorgeous phone, car and her attire was just mind blowing. And she always boast about her happy and awesome life.
Angeline was very envious . She wanted Clarae's life. In Angeline's opinion, Clarae have the perfect life. She wanted to be rich. She wanted car and everything. She was dissatisfied with her life. She was angry because her parents are not rich. But, something happened that changed her view of life completely. She found Clarae crying in the locker room one day. She asked why are you crying and Clarae just hugged her and cried. Then she poured out all her feelings. Clarae's parents are going to divorce. Since she was a child, her parents argued and scolded Clarae terribly She did not get love at all. She always feels so lonely and sad. She told Angeline that she felt so jealous wen Angeline parents drop a visit. Clarae parents wont even think about her. There were all about finding money and fighting with each other. That made Clarae a boast. After giving Clarae some advice , she thought by herself that "The Grass is Always Greener On the Other Side of the Fence".

So learn to be happy with what you have. The point of this idiom is that we perceive that someone else’s circumstances are better, but that in reality they are not.   Who knows?  Perhaps the other person has similar thoughts too.
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